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Steven D. Fraker, D.D.S
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Steven D. Fraker, D.D.S
1121 N. Euclid Avenue
Upland, CA 91786
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Minimal Sedation Dentistry

Minimal Sedation Dentistry in the Montclair Area Can Calm Your Dental Anxiety

You may suffer from dental anxiety, but you don't want to suffer from tooth decay and gum disease either - or even potential heart disease that may be linked to poor dental hygiene. Minimal sedation dentistry may be the answer for many people who struggle with dental phobia. Modern minimal sedation options can make dentistry actually relaxing!

Our staff is very sensitive to your dental phobia. At Steven D. Fraker, D.D.S, we provide caring, understanding service tailored to your safety and comfort.Whether you need to address a complex dental problem or just need a simple routine dental checkup, we have lots of experience in calming fears and anxieties associated with dental procedures.

Call us today at (909) 946-7800 for Montclair area minimal sedation dentistry and a healthy, more beautiful smile tomorrow. Or fill out the online form for easy scheduling. At Steven D. Fraker, D.D.S, we have several convenient payment options and flexible scheduling to fit your busy life.

Minimal sedation dentistry appointments available.

If you're looking for affordable minimal sedation dentistry in Ontario you don't need to look any further. Steven Fraker, D.D.S., is the minimal sedation dentist that Ontario residents trust to deliver experienced and professional dental care.

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Dental Insurance Upland CA - Most Carriers Accepted. Dental Insurance Upland California - Call Steven D. Fraker, D.D.S at (855) 424-1867 - We can help you with your dental insurance needs.

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How To Manage Your Sensitive Teeth

If you're already suffering from overly sensitive teeth, there are products that can help. Toothpaste designed for those with sensitive teeth can reduce the pain associated with the condition after only a few days of use. Also, be sure to stick with a soft-bristled toothbrush - hard toothbrushes will only exacerbate the problem. Brush and floss daily to maintain healthy gums and protect dentin from exposure.

Call Steven D. Fraker, D.D.S today at (855) 424-1867 to schedule an appointment.

When Should My Child First See a Dentist?

'First visit by first birthday' sums it up. Your child should visit a dentist when the first tooth comes in, usually between six and twelve months of age. Early examination and preventive care will protect your child's smile now and in the future. If you have questions regarding your baby's teeth, please call Steven D. Fraker, D.D.S at (855) 424-1867 and we’ll be glad to provide the answers.

Good Dental Health Can Help Prevent Stroke and Heart Attack

Sure, not getting regular checkups may make you less kissable, but did you know that studies have linked heart attacks and strokes to gum disease associated with poor oral hygiene? A trip to Steven D. Fraker, D.D.S every six months could reduce your risk of serious health problems.

Don’t wait any longer to schedule a checkup with Dr. Steven Fraker. Call our office today at (855) 424-1867.

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Natural-looking dental crowns

Dr. Steven Fraker, practicing in the Montclair, CA area, can provide you with the highest quality dental crowns available, and restore your smile. Using state-of-the-art materials and cutting-edge techniques, Dr. Fraker can make your smile look healthy and natural again.

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What We Offer
Minimal sedation dentistry in Upland while you relax with trusted minimal sedation dentist Dr. Steven Fraker. We offer convenient appointments that are designed to fit your busy lifestyle.